Kundalini yoga and meditation retreats in nature for going deeper into your practice.
Discover the wonderful Universe within you.



Kundalini Yoga is a way of entering in your infinite potential. Kundalini awakens your soul, your original Being and it is considered the most powerful yoga style. The practice consists on kriyas or series of exercices, mantra chanting and pranayama or breathing exercices, along with meditations. 
To "retreat" or to "step back" is a way for us to slow down and reflext on what is true for each of us.


We choose very confortable accommodations in the middle of nature. We offer options in the countryside and also at the beach. You will be able to swim in crystal clear waters in the summer, enjoy the fireplace in the winter and get in touch with nature anytime of the year.


The food you eat on your yoga retreat plays an important part. Fueling your body with fresh homemade foods means you will be able to get the most our of your pracice. On our retreats, we aim to create the perfect platform to support your complete replenishment and rejuvenation, by providing you with lovally sourced, naturally high-in-energy and perfectly balanced meals. We believe eating should not only be a healing practice, but also a celebration of life. Using beautiful ingredients prepared with care, consideration and of course, love.


We organize immersion yoga retreats in Spanish so you will be able to practice your Spanish with a Spanish teacher for foreigners. If you prefer the experience in your own language, we also offer yoga retreats in English. It is always an excellent way to travel alone, as you feel safe with the support of an internation group of like-minded individuals.


We have more than five years of experience organizing yoga retreats. We are dedicated to helping you provide an experience that allows space for truth. Our passion is helping to create memorable and life-changing journeys... a process that brings healing and growth through travel and practice.
APYK Madrid belongs to the Spanish Federation of Kundalini Yoga Teachers (FEPYK), member of the International Yoga Federation and the European Union of Yoga Associations.

Our yoga retreats are an opportunity to immerse yourself in the joy, challenge and rejuvenation of Kundalini yoga, sacred chant, healing, creativity and a discover and return to your true self. Kundalini Yoga´s music is shared with a depth of grace and devotion that will sweep you away. Every yoga class takes you higher, elevating your consciousness, opening your heart, bringing you closer to your inner Sat Nam. Excellent vegetarian homemade food, meditation in the countryside, sound baths with gongs and mantra chanting.

Yoga retreats in English and Spanish available all year round.

Let us take care of you!


  • “I decided to join APYK Madrid´s yoga retreat as I was looking for answers that I couldn´t find myself. I just broke up with my boyfriend. Sometimes you need a guide who will be able to focus your life again in order to overcome your emotional instability. It has been a very important weekend for me. I go back home completely recharged with new energy, direction and happiness.

    The immersion experience in Spanish has been an amazing way of improving my speaking and listenning skills as well as my fluency. I really liked it" 

    Anna Smith
    Texas, US 
  • "My mind usually goes very fast and I really needed a time for myself. I needed silence and observance. I really needed to stop. I thought a weekend practicing yoga and meditation would be a good tool for me. What I couldn´t ever imagine was that this weekend would change my perspective in life completely. I have added daily meditations every morning. Now I am more aware of what is happening in my life and how I feel. I also have found great people with whom I have shared these wonderful days. I feel very happy and blessed" 

    Alfonso Ruiz
  • “This is my fourth yoga retreat in English with APYK Madrid and I would definetly love to come back. Every time is a different experience. I have enjoyed the company of participants of other countries, each of them with a different accent, and I have felt my English has improved a lot during the weekend. I love this idea of combining kundalini yoga and meditation with a language immersion. It is a time for myself and for sharing with like minded amazing people ”

    Natalia Jimeno


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